Start Your Multi-service Business with Gojek Clone

Revamp your multi-service business and provide ultimate comfort and flexibility to your customers via our completely customizable and feature-rich Gojek clone app, with exclusive modules and scalability options.

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Run Different Businesses with a Single Gojek Clone App Solution

Gojek clone is a multi-service platform that resembles the features and working of the original app Gojek. It is a pre-developed solution for entrepreneurs who want to enter the on-demand business without spending vast amounts on custom solutions. An app similar to Gojek comes with a plethora of customization and scalability features.

We offer a turnkey solution with powerful features and a comprehensive set of modules, allowing entrepreneurs to deliver a unified customer experience. From food delivery to grocery ordering to laundry services to the online booking cab our Gojek clone app facilitates all the tasks under one solution and keeps all the stakeholders connected.

With our robust and super flexible Gojek clone, entrepreneurs can have their own custom Gojek similar app that propels their business and outstands the competition.

Crucial Benefits of Gojek Clone App:

Range of Services: Offer an extensive range of services within a single app, including grocery, food, domestic services, taxi and more.

Vast Opportunities: Take your business to a new level with features like real-time tracking, notifications, analytics and more.

Readymade Solution: Get started with the white-label Gojek clone solution and cut down all the expenses with readymade and affordable alternatives.

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Access Multiple Services within a Single Gojek Clone Platform

How can a single solution consist of multiple services? Below are the powerful modules and 50+ services entrepreneurs can run with a single Gojek like platform. Run multiple on-demand services with one app and elevate the standards of your conventional business

Run Your Multi-service Business with a Powerful Admin Panel

Examining multiple transactions can be tougher but our robust admin panel makes it extremely easy to monitor the overall tasks and performance of the entire business. Add/remove store, restaurant, delivery provider, driver, and dispatcher and oversee each activity to improve the business operations.

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Gojek Clone – Customer App Features

Robust Customer App Features that Make Gojek Clone App Popular


Login with Face ID/Fingerprint

Enable customers to log in through FaceID and fingerprint, getting rid of them from the manual login process.

Book or Schedule

Book or Schedule

Allow your customers to book or schedule services as per their requirements by entering valid dates and times

Order History

To make online ordering easy, customers repeat the services or booking from the previous to save time.

Seamless Payments

Seamless Payments

Allow your customers to make payments swiftly and securely from the multiple online options given in the Gojek clone app

Estimated Calculation

Estimated Calculation

Allow customers to calculate the overall cost of service/ride without logging into the app or website.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Keep an eye on every aspect of your ride, order, or service in real-time, ensuring your customers are always in the loop updates.

Gojek Clone Script -Driver Features

Bring Ease to the Commuting Process with Modern Features

Driver Social Login

Social Login

Easily sign in using your favorite social media accounts, streamlining the login process and getting you on the road faster.

Driver Earning Details

Earning Details

Track and manage your earnings with detailed insights, empowering you to stay on top of your finances and plan ahead.

Driver Vehicle Details

Vehicle Details

Store and access important information about your vehicle, ensuring compliance and efficiency while on the road.


Manage Document

Effortlessly upload and organize your necessary documents, ensuring you're always prepared with regulations.

Driver Manage Profile

Manage Profile

Update and maintain your driver profile with ease, ensuring accuracy and professionalism to attract more customers.

Driver In-App Wallet

In-App Wallet

Manage your earnings conveniently within the integrated wallet, allowing for seamless transactions

Gojek Clone – Store App Features

Handle Online Orders with Top-notch Efficacy


Check Order List

Easily keep track of all your incoming orders in one convenient place, ensuring you never miss an order again.

Store Online Offline Status

Online/Offline Status

Toggle your store's availability with a simple switch, letting customers know when you're open for business.

Store Order Request

Order Request

Receive and manage order requests seamlessly, empowering you to accept and fulfill orders efficiently.

Store Manage Store Offer

Manage Store Offer

Effortlessly update and manage your store's offers and promotions, attracting more customers and boosting sales.

Store Order History

Order History

Access your complete order history at your fingertips, helping you analyze past orders and make informed decisions.

Store Accept - Reject Orders

Accept/Reject Orders

Let stores or restaurants accept/reject orders as per the item availability. They can also reject the order if the item gets out of stock

Gojek Clone – Service Provider Features

Let Service Providers Handle All the Services Seamlessly

Provider Service Time Management

Time Management

Let service providers set specific hours during which they offer their services, ensuring efficient scheduling

Provider Package Listings

Package Listings

Service providers can list out services with detailed pricing, enabling customers to choose from variety of packages

Provider Multi-Service Listings

Multi-Service Listings

Allow service providers to showcase a diverse range of services, including beauty treatments, laundry services, and more.

Provider Leverage Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

Harness the power of subscription plans as delivery providers don’t need to pay commission fees.

Provider Map Navigation

Map Navigation

In-app navigation is important for a Gojek like app to fulfil services on time as it comes with smart route planning and saves time.

Provider In-app Call-Chat

In-app Call/Chat

Interact with customers to make the delivery experience efficient, and avoid any miscommunication related to service.

Get a Powerful Admin Panel to Examine Various Operations

Oversee every activity from the super admin panel. Visualize different Key Performance Indicators for the business statistics, settings, etc. to make informed business decisions

Admin User-friendly Dashboard

Adaptable Dashboard

Access service-wise insights, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions with ease for efficient management.

Manage Vehicles

Effortlessly oversee and update the fleet of vehicles available on your platform, ensuring optimal availability and efficiency.

Get CSV File for Export

Export essential data in CSV format for further analysis or integration with other systems, streamlining administrative tasks.

Manage Commission

Set and adjust commission rates for drivers and vendors with ease, ensuring fair compensation while maintaining profitability.

Heat Map View

Visualize the activity across different regions with a dynamic heat map view, aiding in strategic decision-making.

View Earning Reports

Access detailed earning reports and analytics, empowering informed decisions and strategies for business growth.

Manage Customers

Efficiently handle customer accounts and data, allowing for seamless communication and support as needed.

Manage Promo Codes

Create and manage promotional deals to attract customers, driving engagement.

Get the exclusive white-label Gojek clone app platform to launch your business in no time

User-friendly Customer Website

Deliver the finest browsing experience to customers through a user-friendly website. Place orders and track them in real time for added convenience. Discover exclusive deals and promotional codes tailored for customers. Enjoy a user-friendly experience while accessing multiple services within a platform.

Gojek Clone Driver App Panel

Stay informed with all the relevant data and manage your schedule accordingly. Monitor earnings, access previous bookings, view income from tips and much more for transparent operation. Stay organized and in control of your earnings with seamless tracking and transparency for all your transactions.

Gojek Clone – Store Panel

With our Store Panel, managing your online orders is a breeze. Easily add toppings, update your menu by adding or removing items, and more. Take control of your store’s online presence and streamline your operations with our user-friendly interface. Effortlessly customize orders with toppings and modifications, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Gojek Clone Provider Panel

Efficiently manage delivery requests from multiple service categories within one intuitive dashboard. Utilize built-in navigation tools to optimize routes and ensure timely deliveries. Providers can get a comprehensive view of their services, upcoming bookings, and total earnings. With detailed insights into their performance and upcoming tasks, providers can efficiently manage their schedules and maximize their earnings.

Get Stunning Features to Foster Multi-Service Business Growth

Surge Pricing

Admins can implement surge pricing during peak hours to optimize earnings and balance supply and demand effectively, ensuring fair pricing

Multiple Delivery

Delivery providers have the flexibility to handle multiple orders simultaneously, increasing efficiency and maximizing earnings by delivering more in less time.

Subscription Plans

Drivers/providers can opt for subscription plans that waive commission fees, providing a cost-effective solution to maximize earnings

Multi-Login Feature

Users can seamlessly switch between app and website, simplifying browsing and accessing multiple services at one time.

Master Search

Customers can easily find their desired products or services using a powerful master search feature, saving time and enhancing user experience.

Unlimited Delivery Service

Admins have the flexibility to add unlimited delivery services to cater to various customer needs and expand their business reach effortlessly.

Preferences Like Handicap/Child

Whether booking for handicap accessibility or child-friendly accommodations, our Gojek clone platform prioritizes safety

App Store/Play Store Submission

Submit your app to major app stores with ease, reaching a wider audience and maximizing visibility for your business.

Multiple Language Support

Access the app in their preferred language, fostering inclusivity and ensuring a user-friendly experience for customers from diverse backgrounds.

Local Payment Gateway

We offer the flexibility to integrate payment gateways tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs, ensuring seamless transactions

Live Chat

Offer real-time support to customers through a live chat feature, addressing queries and concerns promptly to enhance customer satisfaction.

App Rejection Support

We offer dedicated support to navigate any challenges, including if your app faces rejection from the stores during submission.

How Gojek Clone App Works?

With our vast product experience, we have built superior app like Gojek, completely scalable customizable and compatible with 50+ services

how gojekclone app works _ transport services

On-demand Transportation Services

Experience the convenience of on-demand transportation services with our platform, where customers can access a variety of options including taxi booking, courier services, bike sharing, and more. Our modern features such as real-time tracking ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Customers can easily browse available services, book their preferred option, and make secure payments within the app. With the ability to track their ride or courier delivery in real-time, customers stay informed every step of the way. After completing their journey or receiving their delivery, customers can provide feedback through reviews, helping admin continually improve and enhance their services to meet their needs.

Online Delivery Services

Explore a world of convenience with our on-demand delivery services module, where customers can effortlessly browse through a diverse array of restaurants and stores listed on our platform. With just a few taps, customers can add their desired items to the cart, whether it’s a delicious meal from their favorite restaurant or essential products from local stores. Our seamless payment process ensures secure transactions, providing peace of mind to our customers. Once the order is placed, customers can easily track the status of their delivery provider in real-time, ensuring they stay informed and prepared for the arrival of their order. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of on-demand delivery services with our platform, making everyday tasks a breeze.

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how gojekclone app works _ hire service provider

Hire Home Service Providers

Discover the convenience of multiple services, where customers can access a wide range of services tailored to their needs. From plumbing and handyman services to a myriad of other offerings, our platform connects customers with trusted service providers ready to meet their requirements. Customers can browse through reviews and ratings of service providers, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in their choice. With our secure payment system, transactions are hassle-free, allowing customers to focus on enjoying the service. Experience the convenience of doorstep delivery as our dedicated service providers deliver quality solutions right to your doorstep. Embrace efficiency and reliability with our on-demand service, making life’s tasks easier and more convenient than ever before.

Modern Technologies We Have Usedin Our Gojek Clone Script

Embracing the latest advancements in technology, our Gojek Clone integrates cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Leveraging a modern tech stack, including robust frameworks and scalable infrastructure, ensures seamless performance and reliability. With continuous updates and innovations, we remain committed to delivering a forward-thinking platform that meets evolving market demands.

Are you all set to launch an Multi-Service Business?

Unlock a new level of convenience with our Gojek Clone app. Experience the seamless integration of multiple services right at your fingertips. Contact us now and join the revolution of on-demand solutions.

What Makes Our Gojek Clone Unique From Others?

Comprehensive Service Integration

Experience the convenience of accessing multiple services within a single platform, setting us apart from competitors.

Analytics and Reporting

This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in the dynamic on-demand service industry.

Customizable White-Label Solution

Tailor the app to match your brand identity and specific business needs, giving you a unique edge in the market and setting you apart from competitors.

Scalable & Robust Solution

Handle increasing demands and adapt to evolving requirements effortlessly as our solution can be scaled seamlessly to support your business expansion.


Experience dedicated support available via email, Skype, and phone, providing timely assistance and resolving any queries or issues

Stunning UI Design

Our Gojek clone app is crafted with user-friendly navigation and eye-catching visuals, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

To save users’ time and effort when obtaining services from different sources, apps like Gojek combine related and unrelated services into one.

Advanced features like smooth service integration, real-time tracking, safe payment gateways, and user-friendly interfaces will be included in our specially-made Gojek clone software.

A platform that provides an online selection of products and services is known as a multi-service platform. Drivers on the Uber platform, for instance, provide ride-hailing, food delivery, and other services.

It provides a range of services and shortens the time needed to reach the intended activity (convenience). It preserves phone memory and enables a consistent and personalized user experience.

It makes it simple for shops, both domestic and foreign, to enter the market.

Yes, our Gojek clone is scalable and 100% customizable so that you can edit or remove the features as per your business’s requirements.

Yes, we prioritize security first and hence we sign an NDA first to keep information confidential and private.

We offer a reliable Gojek clone script that is white labeled, customizable, scalable and the finest solution to enter the multi-service business.

We recommend using hosting services like DigitalOcean or AWS for reliable performance and scalability.

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