Create Your own on-demand Beauty care app

Beauty Care App

Create Your on-demand Beauty care app

Technology has changed everything. It changes the way of thinking, switch the direction of working, changes in the lifestyle, and many things.

With the use of technology, we can find more convenient ways to get many things done in a day without any hassle.

The beauty care industry is one of them, which also uses the benefits of the technology.

In the recent year, beauty startup has the fastest growing industry in the technology; there are many unique, innovative brands raising around.

What is beauty care app?

Today, beauty is the basic needs of everyone. Everyone wants to look beautiful, attractive, and stylish to stand out from the crowd.

For this, everyone wants to look beautiful, but people have no time to go to salons from that on-demand beauty care app demand are increasing.

But the user has no time to go to a salon, from that using the beauty care app people can quickly ascertain salon and no need to find salon outside.

In this current scenario, businesses can be tie up with Salone owner or professional stylist, and they can serve users with beauty service offers at the user’s location.

Features of on-demand beauty care app

For the User App:

To use the beauty care app, the user can log in or sign up into the app. For the login, a user has provided the necessary details like name, contact no., address, and so on.

2)Salone or beauty Professional Profile
It will allow the user to access the information of Salone or beauty professional such as Salone name, address, and service type. The user also gets the know that the salon has to get the certified or not.

3)User Profile
A user can view their profile details, and also they can update their details using these features.

4)Service List
After the login, the user can view the services list provide by the beautician and can choose a service as per the review and rating.

5)Book the Appointment
A user can book the appointment by giving the date and which type of services they want.

6)Payment Option
A user has multiple payment options to pay for beauty services such as credit, debit, and wallet.

7)Rating & Review
After the completion of the beauty care service, the user can give review and rating to Salone beautician.

8)View Booking History
A user can view booking history, from that they can re-schedule the appointment for the same beautician, professional or salon.

Beauty Professional App:

For offer a services beauty professional can also login or sign up into the app, they can provide the necessary information such as name, Salone address, email, and more.

2)View Customer Request
A salon owner or beauty professional can view customer requests such as appointment date and time.

3)Accept or Reject Customer Request
Depending on the user request and availability of the beauty professionals, the owner can accept or decline the customer request.

4)Manage Services
Beauty professional or salon owner can manage beauty services.

How much Does it Cost to Develop Beauty Care App?

The cost of the beauty care app depends on various factors like which type of platform, features, and most important thing that which location where the app is being developed.

The app with the basic features it cost around $5,000 if the app is developed in India. If you want application in both the Android and iOS platform, it cost approximately $10,000 to $15,000.

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Final World:

So, the beauty care app startup is successful because of providing the perfect solution to the user. When you develop a beauty care app for a startup business, make sure that you offer a unique solution to the user.

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