How to Develop Your Home Cleaning App For Startup Business?

home cleaningHow to Develop Your Home Cleaning App For Startup Business?

A fresh and cleaned home is such a great thing. Everyone’s like a clean house. It is a great thing to keep home clean, but it’s too hard to keep the house clean.

A clean and tiny house is one of the secret ways to keep a happy home. These two elements work together. It’s just not enough to clean your house in a un-organized way or vice versa.

Suppose, you return from a trip and the house is messy it’s sure to bring on the post-vacation blues. To not spoil your vacation, there is so many application available in the market to provide home cleaning services.

Hiring a professional cleaner, it’s not mean to employ a person for a work that you don’t want to do. Hiring a housekeeper is a process of hiring a person that clean your house in a systematic way.

Gojek clone provides home cleaning services. With the use of Gojek app, a person has hired a housekeeper that clean your home in an organized manner.

Gojek clone provides more facility for not only home cleaning but also full house deep cleaning, office cleaning, and post-party cleaning.

Nowadays, people have no time to clean a house properly. So they search a people who clean a house. But it’s too difficult to think to find people who clean a house properly.

Why should you invest in home cleaning application?

Nowadays, all matters are being online. There are so many application available in the market that makes life easier.

Everyone should keep there home clean and tiny, but not all the people want to do this work themselves.

According to the US cleaning industry report state, it is estimated that starting a cleaning business is the right decision.

Features to develop on-demand home cleaning app

For user App:

1)Login/Signup: A user can log in or signup using a social media site like Facebook, Google or Email.

2)Cancellation Request: A user can cancel the request for cleaning with providing the cancellation reasons.

3)Secure payment option: An app allows the user flexible payment option like cash, card, wallet for pay to services amount.

4)Review & Rating: After the completion of services, the user can give a review and rating to the cleaner for the services.

Cleaner App:

1)Login/Signup: Similar to the user app, cleaner also has to log in via email or social account.

2)View Profile: A cleaner can manage the profile just like a portfolio. A cleaner can edit their name, services, contact no. and many more.

3)Accept/reject Request: According to the schedule, time and number of requests, a cleaner can manage their request to accept or reject option.

4)Notification: The cleaner will receive notification for order confirmation or payment.

How Much does It cost to Develop on-demand Home Cleaning App?

The company charges the cost according to how much the hours and human resources they deploy to develop the app. In India, it charges $80 per hours, and the cost can be somewhere around $10,000-$15,000.

But, the cost of mobile app development also depends on which type of platform and features you want to include in your app. If you add some advanced features in your app, the cost varies.


The on-demand home cleaning app is a multi-user platform which connects a general user to the cleaners using the smartphone. While users get a solution for the house cleaning and satisfy with services, the app makes an opportunity for the filter to earn high revenue.

If you like an idea of developing an on-demand home cleaning app; we are a leading mobile app development company. If you are interested in creating your home cleaning app, we will help you. Contact us for more information.


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