How To Design & Develop Food delivery App Like UberEats – Business & Revenue Model

Food delivery App Like UberEatsHow To Design & Develop Food delivery App Like UberEats – Business & Revenue Model

With the increasing internet and smart devices usage, mobile app development has assumed great importance for establishments looking to attract more customers. And the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic and safety measures have made apps more popular among users. The report shows that wealthier people shop around three times using their smart devices. However, 67% of wealthy smartphone users shop on their smart devices, and 63% of customers regularly buy goods or services.

Hence it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that digital platforms are convenient to use for customers. And when it comes to the meal ordering and delivery business, the scenario remains the same. Therefore, business startups looking to level up their business operations have to know how to build a food delivery app, how much it costs, how to make money, business and revenue model, etc.

The food delivery segment is predicted to show 16.6% revenue growth in 2022. At the same time, the revenue is forecasted to increase by 10.01% CAGR, resulting in a projected market volume of US$449,292m by 2025. In 2021, the delivery sector has reached a user base of 2,897.1 million individuals in 2025.

Considering the above statistics, if you’re a restaurant owner and delivery service set to experiment with online prospects, a robust app for delivery business must be a top priority. The safety regulations due to the pandemic spread made an app like UberEats more popular and brought the delivery business into the limelight. If you’re looking to go ahead with UberEats clone app development, let’s have a quick look at UberEats business and revenue model right away. 

What is UberEats? History to Dive into!

UberEats is an on-demand meal ordering and delivery platform launched in 2014 by Uber. Users can easily read menus, order fresh food, and make payments through apps or a web browser. Users are able to shift for delivery, while meals are delivered using bikes, cars, scooters, or on foot. The delivery brand operates in 32 countries.

Founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, the company started food ordering and delivery in 2014. It was initially launched as an UberFRESH service in California. Later in 2015, the meal delivery platform known as “UberFresh” was renamed UberEATS, and the ordering software released an application. In 2018, UberEats modified its flat $4.99 delivery fee to a rate determined by distances.

In 2018, the delivery giant UberEats announced its plans to triple the workforce in its European markets. Later the company reported making deliveries in 20 countries in 200 cities in EMEA markets. In 2019, UberEats announced it would decrease its fee from 35% of the order’s value to 30%. After that, the company announced its purpose to open virtual restaurants in the UK, known as cloud kitchens or cloud restaurants. 

In 2020, Zomato said it would acquire UberEats’s stock. As part of the deal, Uber would have a 10% stake in Zomato and gain all the users of Uber Eats. During the deal period, Zomato was roughly $3.55 billion. Later in March, during the COVID-19 pandemic, UberEats witnessed a 30% increase in new customers, as people shunned social interaction for fear of contracting the virus.

Benefits of Creating a Food Ordering and Delivery App

Undoubtedly on-demand food delivery apps are gaining popularity and have revitalized the delivery sector. Not a simple food joint or restaurants can shun eyes from different opportunities they provide. There are numerous advantages that food delivery businesses can gain by choosing to develop an app like ubereats. These benefits include:

  • Easy and smooth customer experience;
  • Build a visible brand;
  • No bar for targeting audience;
  • Workaholics don’t need to buzz for food;
  • Make better bargain;
  • Catering to new food niche;
  • Cashless mobile commerce experience;
  • Create a win-win situation for everyone.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, there are many more that brands can gain by considering developing food ordering and delivery apps for their delivery business. 

Steps to Follow for Potrating an App Like UberEats

Developing an app like UberEats is a challenging task that requires putting numerous components together. Hence it becomes essential for you to have a clear map with your food ordering app development, helping you make a mark in the online industry. You can take UberEats as an example to develop a robust solution to start similar online ventures. Just follow a few simple steps to develop an UberEats like app.

  • Conduct market analysis;
  • Select app development delivery model;
  • Select prominent features of an app like UberEats;
  • Leverage the power of technology stack;
  • Choose a feasible app development option. 

The process of food ordering app development like UberEats can be defined in one word “Arduous.” You can have a clear roadmap and further action plans that help you play along and hire the best and experienced food delivery app development company. A clear roadmap can help you to plunge into the sea of possibilities and even succeed.

UberEats Business Model: Check to Make Smart Choice for Your Food Delivery Solution

The growth of on-demand meal ordering businesses like UberEats is the most precious gift from developing technologies to the modern world. It’s not wrong to say that online food ordering was associated with big restaurant chains like Domino. A restaurant without an online food ordering system is non-existent for customers in today’s modern world.

The technology-driven business model of UberEats has encouraged budding entrepreneurs to launch their online food delivery business. The food delivery app plays dual roles: 

  1. For restaurant aggregator;
  2. Delivery agent.

UberEats uses an aggregator model that lists partner restaurants in the app; this traditional food delivery model allows customers to ask for a meal delivery request that the restaurants view to execute the order. The restaurant itself fulfills the food order and delivery.   

The company supports partnering with restaurants with comprehensive logistics support. The food ordering and delivery giant uses the logistic network to deliver orders from restaurants that don’t have the resources or capacity to offer food ordering and delivery to customers. 

How Does UberEats Work?

UberEats is a three-way marketplace that connects customers, delivery agents, and restaurants. Multiple restaurants have started listing their brand and menu on an app like ubereats. Customers can search for restaurants located in nearby areas and place orders accordingly; the delivery boy collects the order and delivers it right at the customer’s doorstep. 

UberEats Key Players
There are many key players that you can consider, especially when it comes to developing an app like ubereats. These includes:

Food ordering and delivery apps make it easier for brands to manage food orders and update menus. They can change restaurant names, opening & closing hours, etc. 

UberEats clone script provides users with multiple ordering options, including:

  • Real-Time Ordering;
  • Scheduling Order.

Delivery Agents
Delivery agents are individuals who pick up food from establishments and deliver it to customers’ doorsteps. 

How to Make Money with a Food Delivery App Similar to UberEats?

UberEats generates revenue through monetization methods. And if you’re looking to make it through an app like UberEats, then you can consider the same revenue model. Let’s explore the UberEats revenue model right here.

Delivery Fees
Customers can pay a small amount of delivery fee; the charges mainly depend on the location of the delivery business. Besides collecting delivery fees, you can even choose to collect service or order fees as well. 

Subscription Fees 
You can choose to go ahead with subscription fees to earn money. UberEats like app users have the option to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Commission Fees 
You can cut some percentage of the total value on every order fulfilled from restaurant partners. The cutoff ratio can be determined based on the maturity and clutch of the restaurant in the market.  

Advertising Fees
Food delivery brands pay an advertisement fee to the brand to come up at top searches and get more traction & sales. The business earns money by providing restaurants a position in the featured section of the app.  

The pandemic has skyrocketed the demand for an app like UberEats. It’s a crunch time for establishments to make a mark in the online food sector. After understanding the revenue model, you can choose any way to generate more money for your business. 

How Much Does It Cost to Portrait a Food Delivery App?

The final cost of developing food ordering and delivery solutions dramatically depends on different factors. These factors include:

  • Size of delivery solution;
  • Design of food ordering app;
  • The platform you choose for UberEats clone development;
  • Choose the best app development team.

Undoubtedly app development costs highly depend on the above-listed factors. If you want to get information or have an estimated cost for developing a food delivery app, contact us at [email protected].   

Features to Integrate into Your Food Delivery App Development

There are numerous features that you can consider integrating into different modules of your food delivery app development. 

User App

Scheduled Orders : An app like UberEats facilitates users to schedule an order in advance and get it delivered the same day they schedule it. 

Track Order: Users can order food and track orders in real-time to stay updated about the location of the delivery provider.

Online Payment: Users can easily make payments using multiple payment options available on the food ordering and delivery solution. 

Driver App

Accept/Reject Request: Drivers can choose to accept/reject the delivery request at their convenience using a feature-rich driver app. 

Manage Profile: Delivery providers can easily manage the profile details such as name, delivery radius, profile image, etc. 

Store App

Store Setting: Eateries can manage details like timing, delivery radius, address, minimum order amount, and many other features.

Order History: Brands can easily view order history along with details such as pending orders, canceled, and the number of orders completed. 

Are you looking to integrate any other feature to your UberEats like the solution? Then you can have a quick look at the complete list of features right at

Get Your UberEats Like Solution Developed Today!

The pandemic has increased the craze of ordering food online using a feature-rich solution. And this is crunch time for delivery brands to drive the limelight for their business. And if you are looking to develop a food delivery app at a pocket-friendly price, then White Label Fox is all set to help you out. To know how we satisfy your business requirements with our UberEats clone, please have a quick look at


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