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Grocery Delivery App

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Grocery Delivery App Solution

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Are you looking for opportunities to scale your grocery business? From the data analysis it’s showing that 80% of the shopper uses their smart while their shopping and so, the market is targeting these segments of the markets. So, there is a growing demand for the online grocery delivery solution. The grocery industry is huge by all the measures and it’s growing rapidly. We offer ready to use grocery delivery app development solution which makes your grocery shop business stand out from the other competitors. Our grocery clone script is available for both Android and iOS applications for the user app, driver app, and store app with the super admin panel.

Grocery Delivery – User App Feature


A user can register into grocery app by providing their basic information such as name, email, contact details, and referral code.

Add to Cart

A user can add a grocery item to add to cart option. After he/she can add or remove the item based on their requirements.

Filter Store

A user can filter a grocery store by their name, rating and rating, offers, address and many other options.

Schedule Delivery

A user has option to schedule the grocery order based on their requirements. They have option to add or remove the item.

Payment Option

To pay for the grocery shopping, a user has multiple payment options such as cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Review & Rating

After completing the request, the user can give review and rating to the grocery store and driver based on their experience.

Grocery Delivery User App WorkFlow

Grocery Delivery App – Driver App Feature

Social Login

A driver can login into app by social site accounts such as Facebook, Google or through Email.

Earning Report

A driver can view earning report with all the completed, cancel, running and pending order request details.

Manage Documents

A driver can manage the required documents information such as ID proof, driving licence, and vehicle insurance.

Order Request

After login, driver get a new grocery delivery order request. They have option to accept or reject the order request.

Manage Profile

A driver can manage the profile information such as name, email, contact details and profile picture.

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Manage Delivery Radius

A driver can manage the X range of delivery radius to delivered the grocery order request.

Grocery Delivery Driver App WorkFlow

Grocery Delivery App – Store App Feature

Store Setting

A store vendor can manage their store details such as store name, address, minimum order amount, delivery radius,etc.


A store vendor can add or remove the offers to attract more customers.

Manage Order Request

A store vendor has option to accept or decline the new grocery new order request based on their availability.

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Order Minimum Amount

A store vendor can manage X minimum amount for the grocery delivery. They can add or modified the amounts.

ON/OFF Product

A store vendor can ON/OFF the grocery item based on their availability. They don’t have option to add grocery item.


A store vendor view their history with all completed, cancel, running and pending order request details.

Grocery Delivery Store App WorkFlow

Why We are the First Choice of Grocery App Development Company?

Support and Maintenance

After completed the project, we offers the 24*7 support and maintenance services for your queries.

White Label Solution

Our grocery application is ready to use, we offer the white label solution as per your customized requirements.

Excellent Design

We offer an excellent design which makes your brand stand out from the other competitors.

Quality Assurance

We always offer the grocery services application with quality assurance. We can never compromise with the services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to develop the grocery delivery app is dependent on various factors such as features and technology platform.

Yes, we can customize our Grocery clone script as per your customized requirements.

The development time of grocery app is dependent on your grocery delivery app requirements, if you want to add customized features in the app then the development time is increasing.

Yes, we have ready to use grocery delivery solution. So, we can white label our grocery application for your grocery business.

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