Get UberEats Clone for Your Food Delivery Business

Enter the booming on-demand food delivery market with our scalable and customizable UberEats clone script as it comes with modern features while allowing entrepreneurs to hit the market earliest. From efficient menu management to comprehensive delivery strategies, our UberEats clone solution helps you streamline online food orders and empower your traditional restaurant business with digital solutions.

Churn the Maximum Profit for Delivery
Business with UberEats Clone Script

Are you all set to take a plunge in the growing online food delivery business and reach a wider audience? Look no further! Our comprehensive UberEats clone solution is developed to bring your food delivery business into the digital realm. Whether you are running a restaurant, operating a cafe or any other food establishment, our white label UberEats clone script offers a range of features and modules to fulfil your needs.

With our customized UberEats clone script, businesses can seamlessly manage online orders, track deliveries in real time and engage with customers through personalized marketing strategies and notifications. From appealing interfaces to secure payment gateways, our app like UberEats has got you covered every step of the way.

Moreover, our team of professionals help you launch apps on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring that your brand reaches customers across all devices. Let us help you elevate your food delivery business and thrive in the competitive world of online food ordering. Get started today and experience how your delivery business soars !

UberEats Clone Script with All The Necessary Modules

High-end and scalable business solutions with easy-to-access apps and panels

Customer Android & iOS App

Store Owner Android & iOS App

Delivery provider Android & iOS App

Admin Panel (Backend)

Store Owner Panel

Static Landing Page

Delivery Provider web panel

Full Source Code

1 Year Free Support

uber eats clone script with all the necessary modules

Have a Look at Our UberEats Clone App

Feature-rich and scalable modules that streamline online food ordering operations.

User-Friendly Features of UberEats Clone App Development

Our UberEats clone app development offers an array of user-friendly features tailored for customers, drivers, and admins alike.
Elevate your food delivery business with our feature-rich UberEats clone app.

uber eats Easy Login
Easy Login

Easily register or log in through multiple authentication methods such as email, phone number or even social media accounts, allowing for easy onboarding.

uber eats Rating and Reviews
Rating and Reviews

Fill the void by allowing customers to leave comments for restaurants, and delivery providers as well based on their overall experience.

uber eats Real-time Tracking
Real-time Tracking

Follow the status of your order in action from confirmation to delivery, and you will monitor where your food is and the time it is expected to arrive.

uber eats Order History
Order History

Explore your past orders’ details for your advantage which lets you conveniently reorder your favorite meals or you may use the transactions for budgeting and planning purposes.

uber eats Secure Payments
Secure Payments

Experience various secure payment options including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and in-app payment gateways that guarantee smooth and safe transactions.

uber eats Mark Favorites
Mark Favorites

Save frequently purchased products and preferred restaurants on your favorite shortcut for fast access. This will save you time and help you get the food exactly how you like it every time.

uber eats Smart Search
Smart Search

Find and discover cuisines, restaurants and dishes, narrowing down your searches using advanced filters.

uber eats Customer Support
Customer Support

Let customers reach you via in-app live chat, cellular phone, or email for the utmost convenience.

uber eats Notifications

Get notifications about order confirmation, and delivery updates on-time and stay connected.

uber eats Menu Management
Menu Management

Easily add, remove, or update menu items to reflect the store’s offerings accurately, ensuring customers always see the latest options.

uber eats Order History
Order History

Access detailed order history and analytics to track sales trends, customer preferences, and performance insights for strategic decision-making.

uber eats Earning Access
Flexible Pricing

Set dynamic pricing, offer discounts, and create promotional campaigns to attract more customers and drive sales during slow periods.

uber eats Notifications
Real-Time Notifications

Receive instant alerts for new orders, completed deliveries and much more, keeping you informed and allowing for timely preparation and delivery.

uber eats Secure Payments
Integrated Payment Processing

Seamlessly process payments through multiple payment gateways, ensuring secure and hassle-free transactions for both you and your customers.

uber eats Monitor Deliveries
Delivery Management

Manage deliveries efficiently with features like route optimization, real-time tracking & delivery status updates for improved customer satisfaction.

uber eats Rating and Reviews
Customer Feedback

Gather valuable feedback from customers through ratings and reviews, allow stores to enhance the quality of their service.

uber eats Multi-Channel Ordering
Multi-Channel Ordering

Allow customers to place orders through various channels, including the web, mobile app, and phone, expanding your reach and accessibility.

uber eats Custom Branding Tools
Custom Branding Tools

Allow stores to customize their branding within app & utilize marketing tools like push notifications & targeted promotions to engage customers.

uber eats driver Easy Login
Easy Login

Start getting instant food delivery requests with the easy and simple login process.

uber eats Geo Location
Geo Location

Allow drivers live to track the particular delivery location with the best route optimization facility.

uber eats Bank Details
Bank Details

For smooth transactions and payouts within the platform, delivery providers can add bank details to the platform.

uber eats Earning Access
Earning Access

Let delivery providers can access earning history with completed or canceled orders including TIP received from happy customers.

uber eats Interactive App
Interactive App

Offering drivers summarise details about ongoing deliveries, earnings, performance metrics and other important features.

uber eats Real-time Notifications
Real-time Notifications

Enable delivery providers to get notifications on time about new delivery requests or other important messages from the admin.

uber eats Smart Route Optimization
Smart Route Optimization

Make the most out of the in-built GPS and get the most productive routes to make the overall doorstep delivery experience swift and smooth.

uber eats Set Availability
Set Availability

Let drivers set the availability status within the app. They can turn the toggle if they are busy and don’t want to make food deliveries.

uber eats Call Customers
Call Customers

Upon reaching the customer’s location, delivery providers can make calls in real-time and notify customers about their order.


Stamping your dominance in the online food delivery market with UberEats Clone App

Monitor Each Business Activity with a Powerful Admin Panel

Seamlessly monitor orders, track deliveries, manage payments, and analyze performance metrics from a single centralized dashboard while empowering your business with real-time insights and customizable tools.

uber ats clone admin panel
uber eats Customizable Settings
Customizable Settings

Tailor the admin panel settings to suit specific business needs, including configuring pricing models, delivery zones, promotional campaigns, and other parameters.

uber eats Manage Drivers
Manage Drivers

Efficiently onboard, monitor, and manage a fleet of delivery drivers, including assigning tasks, and tracking performance metrics for optimal resource utilization.

Manage Customers

Effortlessly oversee customer accounts, including registration, profiles, order history, and preferences, enabling personalized interactions.

Reporting Tools

Generate detailed reports on various aspects of the business, such as sales, deliveries, and customer feedback quickly.

Monitor Deliveries

Track the status of ongoing deliveries in real-time, monitor delivery routes, estimated arrival times, and order fulfilment.

Dashboard Overview

Access a comprehensive dashboard providing real-time insights into key performance indicators, such as orders, revenue and users.

Step into the booming online food market with our UberEats clone app and unlock endless opportunities for growth and success while connecting you to hungry customers ready to indulge in your delicious offerings!

Streamline Your UberEats Clone App Development
Journey with Our Simple Process

Let us take you through a roadmap of innovation and efficiency with our lean, accurate, and efficient UberEats clone app development process. From conceptualization to implementation and launch, as part of our rigorous quality control process, we ensure nothing less than the absolute best is delivered.

uber clone planning

Once we collect your business requirements, we undertake the planning phase jointly, working closely to comprehend your needs, objectives, and what you envision in the end product.

uber clone Designing

In the design stage, we employ experienced designers who convert your visualization to appealing graphics. With attention to detail, we follow up to form easy-to-use, well-designed experiences.

uber clone Development

The next step in development involves our experienced developers, who convert the designs to codes. The latest technologies and practices are applied to make the solution solid and scalable.

uber clone Test and Launch
Test and Launch

The next step in development involves our experienced developers, who convert the designs to codes. The latest technologies and practices are applied to make the solution solid and scalable.

Emerging Technologies We Use for UberEats Clone App Development

In our UberEats Clone, we harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to deliver a seamless experience for drivers. From advanced GPS tracking to real-time analytics, our platform leverages the finest tools to optimize routes and enhance efficiency. With intuitive interfaces and robust security measures, drivers can trust in a reliable and intuitive system that maximizes their earning potential while ensuring passenger satisfaction. Join us and experience the future of transportation technology firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

UberEats clone facilitates on-time delivery. It facilitates online ordering and route planning. In addition to better order management and end-to-end visibility, it gives organizations the chance to automate tedious tasks.

Most people are using food delivery apps these days and an app like UberEats fulfils the demands of the user, allowing them to enjoy doorstep food delivery.

A minimum of five to six days is needed to build an UberEats clone app; this can vary depending on the features you want to incorporate.

with a committed group of developers who focus on creating cutting-edge on-demand solutions and contributing unmatched experience. Regardless of your company’s size, we provide customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of your food delivery enterprise.

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