Grocery Delivery App Development Solution in Covid-19

ggGrocery Delivery App Development Solution in Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way to live the life of people from work to shopping and even buying a grocery and essential supplies.

In lockdown and social distance situations, the need for grocery and essential items has made online.

We know that the online grocery delivery app is a fast-growing phenomenon. So, people are increasingly turning in favor of doorstep grocery delivery services.

If you are planning to build a grocery delivery app then the time is now. Know about it.

Grocery Shopping through Grocery Delivery App

Almost everyone has resorted to cooking at home rather than buying food from online or restaurant due to COVID Pandemic.

In fact, people have started to realize the benefits of cooking at home. For that people need groceries to cook at home.

Also, people need fruits and vegetables on a daily and weekly basis not just because they want to survive but also because they want to fit.

So, the demand for grocery delivery apps is an increase in COVID. For your grocery store, you can build an online grocery delivery app; and it’s a great time for it.

Types of Grocery Delivery Model


Since 5 years aggregator industry is emerging. The aggregator grocery delivery apps list all the nearby grocery stores and various supermarkets in your neighborhood.

Using the app people can choose grocery item which they want and place an order. The app takes you through the payment and people get groceries at the doorstep.


A marketplace app belongs to the supermarket owner who owns a commercial market center.

In the marketplace grocery delivery app, you have to appoint your own delivery men for the delivery services request.

Online Grocery Delivery

A business model like Big Basket, Instacart, and many more is a good example of an online grocery delivery model.

These platforms are well known because of their user-friendly grocery delivery apps because they offer same-day delivery services.

Developing an online grocery model is the best solution for your startup or grocery store business.

Essential Features of Grocery Delivery App

User App:

  • Social Login
  • Manage Profile
  • Search grocery
  • Add to cart
  • Payment Option
  • Review & Rating

Driver App:

  • Registration
  • Manage vehicle
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Request
  • Bank Details
  • Review & Rating

Store App

  • Registration
  • Manage Store Details
  • Manage Product
  • Manage New order request
  • Promo Code
  • Store setting
  • Manage Profile

How much Does It Cost to Develop An On-demand Grocery Delivery App?

The cost to grocery delivery app development is dependent on various aspects such as the business model, type of app, number of features and functionalities, platform, location, and more.

If you are interested to develop a grocery app you can try our Instacart clone script solution which is ready to use. For more information, you can directly contact us!

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