Instacart Grocery App: Development cost & Features

Instacart Grocery App: Development cost & Features

Since we have been talking about a lot of transportation apps recently and there is a lot of changes in digital words, we have decided to spend time talking about the local delivery business.

By local delivery apps we mean grocery and food delivery platforms that connect users with local stores and restaurants and handle delivery services.

The success in the food delivery app we can see and people willing to buy the food online and get the food delivery at their doorstep.

Now, come to the grocery delivery, the food business model is the best for the grocery industry.

From the success of the food delivery app, many business owners have used the food business model to get success in the grocery delivery app.

Instacart offers the best grocery delivery services to satisfied the people so, they can get the grocery at the doorstep.

Let’s know more about the grocery business model, features, and cost to build an app.

Business Model Of On-demand Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart

Well, the grocery delivery app like Instacart involves three models to make money out of selling services and goods which are the Commission model, the Subscription model, and Service Charges.

Commission Model:

This model for an on-demand grocery app development involves the implementation of different commission charges for the services on different goods, which further depends on which products are trending or are in demand, etc.

Subscription Model:

As the name suggests, this is a subscription-based revenue model, which further includes various offers based on the services to attract the customer which depending upon what subscription plan people buy.

Service Charges:

This revenue model involves earning profits via online grocery stores by working independently; moreover, a subscription plan can be of benefit if used along. Also, the store can add their services to expand their business online.

Features Include in Grocery Delivery App

Registration/Sign up

This is the basic feature in any app to register into an app through fill the basic information like name, email, contact details, profile pictures, more.

Social Login
Also, a user has an option to login through social accounts like Facebook, Google, or via Email.

Search Option
This feature of the grocery delivery app helps the user to directly search for the particular products in particular categories depending upon their price range as well as brands.

Real-Time Tracking
After placing the grocery order, the user can track their delivery request within the app through a GPS.

Payment Option
To pay for the grocery services request, the user has a payment option like cash, credit and in-app wallet to pay for services.

Schedule Delivery
User has the option to schedule grocery based on their convenience in their hectic life.

How much does it Cost to Develop On-Demand Grocery App like Instacart?

To carry out the estimation of the on-demand grocery delivery app development cost, you must keep in mind the following factors like features, functionalities, business model, and in which location you want to develop a grocery app.

Also, if you want to develop an Instacart app from scratch than the cost may increase; so, it’s batter to build an app through Instacart clone script.

We offer an Instacart clone script solution for your grocery store business. For more information, you can view our grocery app live demo.

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