Gojek Clone App

Get a Prominent One-Stop Solution for all your on-demand services. Our Gojek clone is perfectly designed to cater to every service, like an all-in-one service, with a simple yet supreme set of features to expand your on-demand business.

All In One App – Gojek Clone App

Are you looking for a gojek clone app script for your business startup? You are at the right place. We offer a multi-service all in one app – gojek clone app for your business startup. Our Fox-Jek (gojek clone) app provides taxi booking, bike riding, all delivery services including food, medicine, flower, grocery, etc, courier service, beauty, pet care, car wash, and 40+ handyman services in the single app.

Gojek is a founded by Nadiem Makarim in 2010. Gojek offers more than eighteen services including ride taxi, on-demand delivery, courier, medicine and more services. You can also add to your on-demand service like car rental, car washing, packers and movers, plumbers, home painting, dog walking, electrician and more. To build all in one and get a lavish commission through the gojek clone script.

Crucial Benefits of Gojek Clone App:

One of the most significant benefits is that, earns more with the multi-service app. The gojek clone is not only beneficial for the provider but it also helpful for users like:

Single App Installation: A user can manage multiple features within the single app. They don’t need to install a specific app for a particular service.

Digital Payment: The script offers users to allow cashless payment like a credit card, wallet, and more.

Scheduling: A user can schedule an appointment for required services.

Feedback: A user can send a review and rating to the service provider as per experience.

Services Offered by Fox-jek App

Bike Ride

Taxi Ride

Coupon Deals

Courier Service

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Water Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Dog Walking

Baby Care

Pet Care

Workout Trainer

Security Service


Beauty Service

Massage Service

Home Cleaning


Laundry Service

Maid Service

Pest Control

AC Repair


Car Wash

Car Repair

Tow Truck


Liquor Delivery

Flower Delivery

Snow Blowers


Home Painting

Our Gojek Clone Script Offers

Our gojek clone app development script offers more than 50+ on-demand services including a bike ride, courier service, on-demand delivery service, and handyman services. Our Fox-jek App provides a complete white label script with the following module:

  Customer Android Application

  Customer iOS Application

  Driver/Delivery Person Android App

  Driver/Delivery Person iOS Application

  Store Owner Android Application

  Store Owner iOS Application

  Service Provider Android Application

  Service Provider iOS Application

  Super Admin Web Panel

  Store/Restaurant Web Panel

  Service Provider Web Panel

  Driver Web Panel

  Billing Admin Account

  Dispatcher Admin Account

  Customer Website


Check our Fox-Jek super admin panel complete guide video and review how the admin can access all services dashboards, manage customer/providers records, vehicles & documents, business settings, and payment settlement.

gojek admin panel workflow

Gojek Clone App – User App Features

Access Multi Services
Access Multi Services

Users can access more than 30+ on-demand services including taxi riding, courier service, all delivery services, and handyman services.

Live Track Location
Live Track Location

A user can track the live location of the providers. Live tracking helps users to know how much time taken to reach the doorstep.

Schedule Booking
Schedule Booking

Using the feature, a user can book a ride/order service for later. A user can book the ride/order services up to the next four days.

Live Chat

After driver/provider accepted ride/order service, the user and provider can text chat with each other within the app.

Promo Code
Payment Option

A user can apply the promo code during the booking of ride/order and get discounts on the on-demand service amount.


Once a ride/order completed user can send review and rating to providers. The feature is helpful to obtain the quality of the providers.

Gojek Clone App – Driver App Features

Access Multi Services
Work As Multi-Service

In our Gojek clone script, drivers can work as multi-services like bike riding, courier service, and delivery service and earn more income.

Profile Availability
Profile Availability

A driver can work as per their convenient time, he/she can set the profile status online/offline; get a new request while profile status online.

Manage Documents
Manage Document

At the signup in the app, a driver needs to upload all required document which required for the script like driving license, id proof, etc.

Order Statics
Order Statics

A user can view the order statics like a total number of ride/delivery, completed ride/delivery and total earning of the orders.

Map navigation
Map Navigation

A driver can use the Google map navigation with a single tap if they trouble to find the route to the destination location.

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

The driver can view all feedback (review/rating) which send by the customer after the end of the ride/delivery services.

Gojek Clone App – Store App Features

Manage Profile Status
Profile Status

A store owner can set their profile status as online/Offline. A store app gets a new order request when the store profile status is online.

Manage Store Setting
Manage Store Setting

A store owner can update the store information like store timing, estimated delivery time, min order amount,  packaging charging, etc.

Set Delivery Radius
Set Delivery Radius

Store vendors can set the delivery radius of a store within the app where they want to offer their delivery services.

Manage Order Request
Manage Order Request

A store owner can manage the delivery order with a single tap, accept/reject the order. They can view the complete details of the order.

Earning Reports
Earning Reports

They can view the total number of orders, number of completed and canceled orders with earning revenue of the delivery orders.

Product Items Manage
Manage Product Items

Using the store app owner can set the product status ON/OFF. They can add and edit the product items from the store web admin.

Gojek Clone App – Provider App Features

Select Services
Select Handyman Service

After registration completed, the provider must need to select the handyman services which they want to offer.

Add Service Packages
Add Service Packages

Once the provider selects the service, they need to add the packages of the service including package name, price, and description details.

View Order Details
View Order Details

A provider can view the complete details of the order like user name, order for which service, delivery address, date & time, etc.

Update Order Status
Update Order Status

The provider can update the order status with a single tap as order accept, go to the customer, arrived, start, and complete the order.

Live chat
Live Chat

After service order accepted provider can text chat messages to the user if they have any query regarding the location and timing of the services.

Order History
Order History

A provider can view the total number of orders, number of completed and canceled order with earning revenue of the on-demand services.

Check our Go-Jek Clone Demo

android driver
android store
ios user
ios driver
ios store
ios provider


Take the Leap Towards Success And Unlock
New Possibilities With Our Hi-Tech Solution!


From the customer website, customers can place orders for all transport, delivery, and handyman services, the same as applications. There is also an option to manage profiles, wallet top-ups, favorite addresses, debit/credit cards, and order history.


The Driver can easily manage a profile, set availability status, upload documents, manage vehicles, go through bank details and perform other required activities with the driver app panel.


The store panel provides a comprehensive dashboard where the store can manage profile, check order history, new orders, accepted orders and processing orders, connect with admin and has the option to set online/offline status.


The provider has several seamless service options like providing various services, setting service time, uploading images, managing cards, etc., giving an ultimate on-demand service experience with minimal time.

Get Advanced Features ABSOLUTELY FREE!

VOIP Call Masking
VOIP Call Masking

Our gojek clone offers VOIP masking features absolutely FREE, users and drivers can call each other without showing their contact number identity. Using the VOIP, call between user and driver manages through third party service.

Handicap Accessibility
Handicap Accessibility

If driver vehicle has a handicap accessibility feature they can add it through manage vehicle option. If any user wants a ride with a handicap feature the script finds the only driver in which car has the handicap service.

Multi-Stop in Ride
Multiple Stop in Ride

Our gojek clone script offers multiple stop features in ride services, if any user wants to stop any place during their ride they can add stop locations at the time of booking the ride. A user can add up to 3 stop points.

Car-Bike Rental
Car/Bike Rental

Our gojek clone script offers bike/car rental service totally free. You can take a vehicle on rent for a specific time duration. The vehicle hourly rate set by admin. Customers can ride itself without a driver.

Local Payment Gateway
Local Payment Gateway

We offer a stripe payment gateway default in our gojek white label script, but if you want to add your local payment gateway which allows in your country we integrate it absolutely free.

Multiple Language Integration
Multiple Language Integration

Our gojek clone app development offers up to 5 free language integration. The multi-language feature is beneficial to cover the global market with local languages.

Block User-Providers

In our Fox-Jek app script, admin can block any user/providers through web admin panel, if they like the account have negative feedback or like fake profiles.

Apple Store Rejection Support – 1
Apple Store Rejection Support

After uploading the application on the Apple store, If the app rejected with any issue from the store side, our technical team will correct and upload it.

Child Seat
Child Seat

A driver can mark a child seat feature at signup time if their car has a child seat facility. A user can book the ride with the child seat features.

Referral Code
Referral Code

A user can share their referral code to their friends and family through social media. If any user signup with the referral code they get discounts on their ride/order amount.

Live chat
Live chat

We offer in-app live chat features totally free in our fox-jek app script. Users/drivers/providers can send the text message to each other during the order request.

Publish iOS app on the Apple Store
Publish iOS app on the Apple Store

We will set up your Apple developer account if you have not more ideas on that and also upload the application to the store.

How Gojek Clone App Works?

Gojek Clone App Development Works in 3 Different Modules Transport Service, On Demand Delivery, and Hire Service Provider

Transport Services:

If a user wants to taxi or bike riding, they use the transport services from the app. They book the new ride with the information of pickup and destination location. When they add the ride address, they can show the estimated ride fare and travelling time. After the booking, the ride the application search the nearest online driver and send the notification for the new ride request. If a driver wants to ride, he/she accept the offer and go to pick up the user and starting the ride and drop user to their destination location. After the completion of the journey user and driver, both can give feedback to each other.

gojek taxi
gojek delivery app

On-Demand Delivery:

If a user wants to on-demand delivery services like food, grocery, flower, and more service. They select the favoured services from the store/restaurant and order for the items. After the request received by the store/restaurant they accept or reject it. After the received the ordered store/restaurant search the delivery people to send the items to the user. The nearest driver agrees with the delivery request from the store/restaurant and pick up the things and delivered it to the user.

Hire Service Provider:

If a user wants to hire a service provider for massage, car washing, plumbers, electrician, dog walker, beauty service and more service. User book the on-demand request with the details of location, date and time. The service provider accepts the offer and arrived at the user location and start the job. After the job completed by the service provider, they finish their task through the app.

gojek on demand

Technologies We Used

technology section

Do you want to business startup like gojek?

If you want to start your own multi-service business like gojek including taxi, courier, on-demand delivery, and handyman services; let’s discuss how you can start up a successful business with the help of Fox-Jek app and cover the global market.

Why Choose Us?

Native Mobile Apps
Native Mobile Apps

Our gojek clone script offers native Android and iOS apps for the customer, driver/delivery person, store owner, and service provider.

stunning UI Design
Stunning UI Design

Our Fox-Jek app is one of the best gojek clone apps in the current market because of the stunning UI design and best user experience performance.

Complete White Label
Complete White Label

Our system is entirely white-label to put your bard name and logo whatever you want. After all the setup your customers never know about the products.

100% customizable
100% Customizable

Our Fox-Jek App script is 100% customizable. You can modify and customize the app script as per your requirements.

Scalable Product
Scalable Product

Our gojek clone script is scalable. If you are plane to pull your current business to the next level. The script module is helpful to enlarge easily.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Our gojek clone app development cost is less compared to another gojek clone script available in the current market.

Frequently Asked Questions

The gojek clone app is the perfect one-stop solution that satisfies customers’ daily needs like taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, and handyman services, and every job can be done under a single platform.

Yes, you will fully own the source code after you purchase the all-in-one service.

No, there is no limit to the users or drivers on this multiple solution providing the app. However, the admin can set it if they want.

There is no exact price to build the multi-service solution, as it relies on the features, functionalities and complexities of the app.

The script requires – Twilio SMS gateway, Payment Gateway (PayPal, authorize.net, and Stripe), Google Map Key, Apple Developer account, Play store Developer account, and pubnub services.

Yes, we provide one year of free technical support to resolve every issue or error related to your multi-service business platform.

No, we do not offer web hosting service, but we can deploy your app script on your server and help with the server-related tasks.

Our script is developed in Laravel V5.7, My SQL V4.7.4, and PHP V7.1.11. Our Android app script is supported in above all Jelly Bin Android versions.

Yes, you can have further information just connect with us via [email protected].

Yes, our gojek clone script is multilingual to meet your business standards.

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