Medicine Delivery App Development

Medicine Delivery App Development

Enhance your pharmacy delivery business
with our medicine delivery solution

Medicine Delivery App Solution

There is a tough compities in the market for the medicine store due to increase the demand for medicine and medication services. So, many store going online to make a huge marketplace and expand their medicine business. As for the new age in this digital century, online medicine delivery app is the solution to make a good revenue. It is the best solution for your customer to save time. The app can have all the features to run your pharmacy business. We offers the best medicine delivery solution for your pharmacy business. We offers user app, driver app, and store app with the super web panel using the stand out features. Our develop deliver both Android and iPhone application for your pharmacy business.

Medicine Delivery – User App Feature


A user can register into app by providing their basic information such as name, email, contact details, etc.

Track Order

After accepting the order request, user can track the live locating of they medicine order.

add to cart
Add to Cart

A user can add the medicine to add to cart option. After he/she able to add or modite the order request.

Easy Upload Prescription

A user can easilly upload their medicine prescription and they get the notification when the medicine is over.

Payment Option

A user has a multiple payment option to pay for the medicine delivery request like cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Review & Rating

After completed the order, user can gave review and rating to the driver and store based on their services experinces.

Medicine Delivery User App WorkFlow

Medicine Delivery App – Driver App Feature

Social Login

A driver can login into app using their social accounts such as Facebook, Google or via Email.

Map Navigation

A driver can use Google map navigation within the app to find the shortest path for the user location.

live chat
Live Chat

If driver has any query regarding the medicine order, they have option to chat with users within the app.

Earning Report

A driver can view earning report of completed, cancel, running and cancel order request with all details.

Manage request

A driver has manage new medicine order request by accept or reject option.

Manage Profile

A driver can mage their profile information such as name, email, contact details, profile picture and delivery radius.

Medicine Delivery Driver App WorkFlow

Medicine Delivery App – Store App Feature

Store Setting

A store vendor can manage their store setting like store name, address, minimum order amount, delivery charges, etc.

Manage Documents

A store vendor manages required documents such as medicine licence, ID proof and other documents.

Manage Request

A store vendor manages its new medicine order request by accepting or reject option based on their availability.


A store vendor can view history with all complete, cancel, pending and running medicine order request.

Promo Code

A store vendor can add new offers, so the user gets a discount from the total medicine order amounts.

Review & Rating

A store vendor can view all the feedback given by the user with the details of the user which provided it.

Medicine Delivery Store App WorkFlow

Why We are the First Choice of Medicine Delivery App Development Company?

Support and Maintenance

After completed the project, we offers the 24*7 support and maintenance services for your queries.

White Label Solution

Our pharmacy deliveryapplication is ready to use, we offer the white label solution as per your customized requirements.

Excellent Design

We offer an excellent design which makes your brand stand out from the other competitors.

Quality Assurance

We always offer the medicine services application with quality assurance. We can never compromise with the services.


The cost to develop a pharmacy delivery app is dependent on your requirements which you want to offers for the users.

We have ready to use medicine delivery app and we understand your requirements to delivery the stand out app.

The pharmacy delivery app help the user to order medicine and get at their doorstep. User can place a medicine order through the app and driver deliver the medicine order at user door.

The pharmacy delivery app makes revenue by chargin the commission to the medicine store.

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