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Uber For Tutor App Development

Today, more and more parents are likely to hire a on-demand tutor who have don’t have time to teach their childrents personally and make their childer sucessfull. An online tutor finder app help the students and their parenst to find the suitable teacher to achive the best success in the future. We offers the best uber tutoring app for the staudents app and the tutor app. A students can easilly find the tutor based on their requirements and also, tutor can make earning from it. We offers both Android and iOS application and super admin panel with the stand out features. Our tutor app is ready to use and we customized your tutoring app as per your customized requirements.

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Tutor App – User App Feature

Social Login

A student can log in or sign up into app using their social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Schedule Booking

Also, students have the option to schedule a tutoring service for future needs. They can add or modify the requirements.

View Tutor List

After login, students can view a list of tutor with details like name, review & rating, address, etc.

Make Payment

Students have multiple payment options to pay for the tutor services request such as cash, credit and in-app wallet.

Book Services

After selecting the tutor, students can book a tutoring service based on their requirements.

Review & Rating

After completed the services, students can give review and rating to the tutor based on their experiences.

Tutor User App WorkFlow

Tutor App – Provider App Feature

Manage Request

A tutor can manage new tutoring request using the single tap by accepting or reject option.

Map Navigation

A tutor can use google map navigation within the app to find the shortest path to reach the student’s location.

Manage Profile

A tutor can manage their profile information such as name, email, contact details and profile picture.

Services Radius

A tutor can manage X range of tutor services radius to offer the services.


A tutor can add or modified the tutor services package & pricing which they want to offers.

Review & Rating

Also, the tutor can give review and rating to the students based on their experiences.

Tutor Provider App WorkFlow

Why We are the First Choice of Uber for Tutor App Development Company?

Support and Maintenance

After completed the project, we offers the 24*7 support and maintenance services for your queries.

White Label Solution

Our tutor application is ready to use, we offer the white label solution as per your customized requirements.

Excellent Design

We offer an excellent design which makes your brand stand out from the other competitors.

Quality Assurance

We always offer the uber for tutor service application with quality assurance. We can never compromise with the services.


Yes, today the tutoring app are more demanded and you can make more revenue from it.

The cost to develop the tutor app is dependent on various factors. If you want the customized tutor solution then the cost many varoies.

We develop tutoring app for the both Android and iPhone platform.

Yes, we offers the 24*7 maintanance support for your tutoring application.

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